I've always been a tinkerer, finding as much (if not more) joy in building something as using it. As a child, this manifested itself via countless Legos, K'Nex, and Erector Sets. As an adult, much of my disposable income flows to Adafruit, Robot Marketplace, and Shapeways. It seems that I'm constantly working on two or three personal projects... from a homemade Segway to a portable game console. One of my most public (and absurd) endeavors grew out of a silly Easter pun.

Animatronic "Peep" Show

In 2011, to celebrate Easter, I designed and constructed an audio-animatronic "Peep" Show. Just watch (and please don't judge). Total part count: 10 Servos, 29 LEDs, 1 Arduino, 1 Audio Decoder IC, 1 Push Button, 1 0.5 W Speaker, ~650 Lines of Code, 3 Sheets of Foamboard, 5' of Balsa Wood, 3' of Dowels, 25' of Wire, & 11 Peeps.

If you're interested in how this works under-the-hood, here's the same "show" but with the top removed:

Someday I'll add a few of my other projects to this page; in the meanwhile, you're stuck with this sticky silliness.