Welcome to my humble little corner of the internet! This website began in 2003 as a way for me to tinker with HTML / CSS as well as a means by which to communicate with friends and family across the country. Since then, it's undergone many modifications and, sadly, long periods of neglect. This current incarnation serves to provide a high-level biography to the world at large.

The content herein is organized around two of my passions: technology and music. Both are hobbies, but I'm lucky enough to have also built a career around the former. I, of course, hold countless titles in addition to those of "Engineer" and "Musician" (e.g. "Husband", "Father", "Amateur-Theologian", etc.), and maybe someday I'll add additional content to this site. Until then, however, I hope you find at least a modicum of entertainment within these pages.

Official Biography

Kyle Ringgenberg has built a career on the interface between people and their technology. He is currently co-founder and vice president of technology at FYR, Inc., focusing on advanced visualization technologies. Before co-creating FYR, he worked as a research engineer with Lockheed Martin’s legendary Skunk Works®. His primary contributions included highly performant, highly extensible hardware and software architectures for unique, cutting-edge 3D experiences. Kyle’s previous professional life was spent developing real-time rendering algorithms and pilot-vehicle interfaces (PVI) for heads-up and head-mounted displays within Lockheed Martin’s Simulation and System Integration Laboratories (SimSIL). Trained in electrical engineering and professionalized as a software engineer, Kyle is a tinkerer at heart… always seeking creative ways to develop and apply emergent technologies.

While decidedly left-brained (as fictitious as that construct may be), Kyle strives to exercise his creative side as well. Professionally, this means working hand-in-hand with some of the most talented digital artists in the industry, developing content and algorithms for the major AAA game engines, and working with and/or hacking on virtually every AR/VR device on the market. He values a breadth of fluency ranging from Adobe, Autodesk, and Unity to Visual Studio, Qt, and Xilinx. Independently, Kyle performs regularly on violin, saxophone, and EWI; and irregularly on ukulele, mandolin, and accordion. He shares those talents with several local venues, as well as fourth grade children in a mentoring capacity. Additionally, Kyle has composed the score, and several visual effects shots, for three independent films.

Kyle has authored or co-authored four technical publications, sixteen patents, and numerous whitepapers. He traded blood, sweat, and tears in exchange for an M.S. from The University of Virginia and a B.S. from Rice University, both in Electrical Engineering.